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One of the sought-after brands in UPVC Doors and Windows for more than a decade, ALN creates innovative designs for your architectural structures. ALN has a wide array of UPVC Doors and Windows with enduring elegance that is truly irresistible for your homes and workspaces. Offering the finest in quality, futuristic design ideas and phenomenal versatility, ALN doors and windows accentuate the beauty of your living spaces.

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The hallmark of superior quality

The technology employed, the raw materials chosen, the quality standards adhered to in crafting the products; all guarantee quality and reliability that truly stand apart.
ALN doors and windows are made of 100% lead-free virgin UPVC,
ensuring supreme durability. The state-of-the-art PlasMec auto mixing system from Italy is used for mixing the UPVC. Further, the material comes with inbuilt TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) thus guaranteeing recyclability and eco-friendliness. A seamless welding process, HPW Technology is used for manufacturing the doors and windows of ALN. The manufacturing process involves the use of advanced energy efficient servo motor from Kraus-Maffei and Gruber, Germany. ALN doors and windows are coated with UV resistant coatings facilitating them to block thesummer heat out and keep your rooms cool.

  • Hpw
  • Inbuilt TPE
  • Made of 100% lead-free
  • Servo motor
  • PlasMec